Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Two sides of the same coin

You may have heard that Giving should not be done out of pity or guilt.

How then, do you know if you are Giving for the right reasons.

Here is a quick check:
If you feel honored to give, then you know it is right.
If you feel blessed to give, then you know it is right.
If you feel grateful for the opportunity to give, then you know it is right.

Giving and Receiving are two sides of the same coin.
Without Giving there is no Receiving.
Without Receiving there is no Giving.

One gives or offers something to the Other.
While receiving, the receiver has given the "opportunity to be charitable" to the giver and
While giving, the giver has become the recipient of that opportunity.

The Giver is also the Receiver and Receiver is also the Giver.

What is Real?

Your 'Present' is real.

Your present circumstances are real.
Your present challenges are real.
Your present feelings are real.

You only have to deal with your present.
If you acknowledge your present totally and act accordingly,
then the natural Flow of the Universe aids you and
creates a future that you will be comfortable with.

The Power of ONE

I am not referring to the ONE reality stuff here.
one unit of something, anything.

For example, If you want to make money by investing,
when you start out, if you focus your efforts on making a million dollars, you are heading in the wrong direction.

You can certainly have that as a goal, your intention, and in fact, you should.
Once you are clear, write it on a piece of paper, put it in a box
and keep the box in a place where you can take a look at it once a day to remind yourself of your goal.
Or do something to the equivalent of this to remind yourself everyday of your goal.

Then the rest of the day, you will be focusing on your efforts, right?
That's where the power of ONE comes into play.

Focus on earning one dollar, that's right one, 1, numero uno, dollar.
Make it, then make it again. Perfect it.
Get to the point where you can do it like it's magic, pulling it off effortlessly.
Become a master where you can do it consistently.
Then focus on earning 10 and only 10
and then 100 and only 100
and so on.

This might seem silly if you are an adult but I'm sorry but there is no other way.

Just to be clear, 'One' here, refers to 'One unit' and It may very well refer to
One hundred of something too.

P.S. Since, the earlier you start the better or look less sillier, teaching the kids now would be a good idea.

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What is important?

Having a desire to cook is more important than having a spacious, well equipped, well stocked kitchen or even being knowledgeable.
Having a desire to go some place is more important than having the means to get there.
Having a desire to play is more important than having toys or a backyard.
Having a family is more important that having a home.
Having fun is more important than what you do.
Having an experience is more important than accomplishing.
Having a desire is more important than having the means, as,
The desire has the power to manifest.

Mind: deactivate

Few Tips to deactivate your mind so that you can be fully present in the moment.

1)Put time on your side.
Avoid situations where you are running out of time.
Because when you do end up in such situations, it becomes easy for the mind to get charged up.

2)Engage in something you love to do and get lost in it.

3)If something is nagging you, address it right away.
If you are unable to address it directly, you could employ other ways like writing it down and setting a reminder to get back to it at a later time.

4)Become Aware and Acknowledge what is happening.

5)Direct your awareness to the sensations in your body and feelings.


Why be Grateful?

You be grateful/thankful for your own sake.
The state of being grateful eliminates the mind and puts you in direct contact with the Source.
and hence the more often you are thankful and the longer you remain in that state of gratefulness, the better you feel.

So do yourself a favor, and take every opportunity to be very very grateful, right from the fact that you are 'breathing right now' to 'all the opportunities you have had so far in your life'.

Career Path

You can go about it 2 ways:
You can look for the needs/demands/opportunities that are existing or will exist and adapt yourself to cater to them
Focus on being who you are thereby pronouncing and exemplifying "yourself" clearly.
Demonstrate those traits that make you "you" and feel good about them,
and as a result,
have appropriate Opportunities find you like bees find the flowers.

I like the latter. What about you?

Be patient!

"Be patient!".
We hear it often times when we get anxious about something.
What does it mean?
While it certainly can mean, keep your mouth shut, stop twiddling your thumbs and sit in one place without biting your finger nails, it definitely means much more than that.

To acquire something, reach somewhere, accomplish something - you need patience.
Patience is the journey to the state of Knowing,
knowing that you are going to get what you desire without an iota of doubt.

Unless that state is achieved, you will not experience your object of desire.
You may flicker into that state of knowing and hence
you may have a fleeting experience of your desire but
for you to remain rooted in it,
requires you to score the necessary belief points to reach that level.
You need the belief that you can have what you desire because you are worth it.
That requires work on your part.
You may have to start out in small steps and gradually build up on the points on your belief scale to get to the score you need, but it sure does require work on your part.
And that is the journey.

In the process of building your confidence and hence belief by focusing on incremental acts, as a side effect,
you may be shedding certain beliefs, fears and negative emotions all of which allow you to direct even more of your energy towards your object of desire.

So Patience, then, is all about the work needed inside so you can have what you desire.

Who are you

'Who you are' is never communicated through words.
They are self evident through your presence.
Just like a rose flower.
The moment you are articulating who you are, by that very act,
you are not being yourself.

Let your actions speak.
Better yet,
Let your presence speak.
They are louder, clearer and accurate.

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