Thursday, March 31, 2005

How to find your Life's Purpose

One of the greatest frustrations in life ought to be when you are not clear on what you are supposed to do in this life.. It ought to be.. cos if you don't handle it right, it saps the energy out of our personal, professional and social life.
You are unable to make clear decisions on anything. You walk around like a zombie.
You simply lack the vigor in your life and possibly infect others too.

As I was walking this morning on a clear, nice, "spring"y weather, I guess my mind got a little clearer too.

It occurred to me

"Instead of living life miserably, why not accept the fact that
this moment is exactly as it should be,
It is only from confusion and chaos that order results,
Take life as it is presenting itself in this moment and be in awe of it
but at the same time, have a strong intention to know your purpose in life.
Whenever you find yourself feeling miserable, remember that you are resisting something in the present and resistance is futile if you are resisting the NOW.

So simply let it be but be firm in your intention to know your purpose.

Then the Universe will and has to reveal it to you and
you will be in a position to "see", from what is coming your way,
the answers, the clues, to your questions.

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