Monday, June 05, 2006

Why be an Optimist?

Never mind the research that came out and said,
Optimists tend to live 10 times better than the pessimists,
Never mind the adage that says, Your attitude decides your altitude.

Remember that Your reality is dynamically cocreated by you, Yes You.
Garbage in Garbage out. Your thoughts and emotions create your reality.

Hence in ANY given circumstance and at any given moment, always focus on bringing in the helpful, positive thoughts and emotions which will in turn facilitate the creation of your life the way you want. Focusing on anything else is simply a distraction. Feelings of disappointment, frustration, desperation etc. only block the flow of the desired things from coming in to your life.

You may be in a disaster situation, yet do not let that open your mind up to negative thoughts
and emotions because if you do, you are just creating your future.
So in the interest of creating a life that you want, you need to focus your mind now on that, that will help you.

It requires training your mind and it can be done and when you do, you will be called an optimist. But you know better than that. You just created the life you wanted.

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