Sunday, December 25, 2005

Understanding Free will

Free will is tied to our growth spiritually. It is very crucial to our growth.
We may have been assigned (or agreed to) our life’s purpose but to align our choices that we make everyday with our life’s purpose is a challenge, to say the least.

Life presents us with so many set ups every moment (more like traps ;-) ) to see us exercise our free will to choose and those set ups are so real that if we don’t exercise self control, we will end up making choices that don’t serve our Higher purpose.

At a physical level,
For example, some of these setups that apply to most of us are obvious and ubiquitous like fried and sugary foods that if we let our taste buds have their say, we will end up making choices that don’t serve us.
Some others that apply to all but are not obvious yet ubiquitous are pills that we take for instant relief without truly healing ourselves.

Lot of these setups provide instant gratification.

At a mental level,
Some of the setups include what we see, hear, and do every day. With the amount of information that we are bombarded with through television, radio, newspaper and the Internet, if we do not make conscious selections, it is more than likely for us to be exposed to stuff that don’t necessarily serve our Higher purpose.

At an emotional level,
Some of the setups include the way we interact with people, react to events and so on. Considering the stressful situations that we are exposed to at work, on the congested roads, in our family circumstances, etc. once again, if do not make deliberate choices, we are likely to falter.

As you can see, we have plenty of opportunities to exercise our Free Will.

The key to remember is that we have been provided with all kinds of choices all the time and we have also been given the power of Free will to choose that either serves our Higher Purpose or not. It is perfectly ok if the choices we make turn out to hinder rather than help us
as long as we are willing to learn from them.

That is what IS Life and that is how Growth happens. The only way we can grow faster is by making every choice consciously so that we can learn from the results and make more choices that serve us than those that don’t.

Sometimes, it is hard for us to see the choices we have and we feel stuck and think that we don’t have choices. But that is seldom true. We have to KNOW that we always have choices and if we could just bring ourselves to this moment, quieten our minds, listen to our hearts and look beyond our egos, we can SEE those choices as well.

This game of life cannot move on if we do not choose (Mind you, not making a choice is also your choice) and so there will always be choices and also free will for us to choose.

So, Be aware and Make it the “right” choice for you.

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Sunrise on a winter morning

Sunrise on a winter morning
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Sunrise on a wintry day

Sunrise on a wintry day
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Celebrating Christmas

As we were breaking for the holidays, I wished my colleague "Merry Christmas" and he wished me back but a second later, he realised that I coule be a non-Christian and whether his wish was a valid one or not. So in his attempt to get some clarification, he asked me if I celebrated Christmas and if I wasn't if there was an equivalent festival in my tradition.


Being spiritually aware, I couldn't answer that without getting some clarification myself.
So I asked him, "Ok, so what is Christmas, what does it mean to you?"
His reply was "You know, from a religious view, it is the birth of Jesus but basically it is people exchanging gifts and families getting together, type of thing".

Fair enough...

Being exposed to the meta physical meaning of the Bible, I knew that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ's or God's principles in each and every one of us.

The birth of principles like unconditional Love, forgiveness, kindness, generosity are worth celebrating and in this day and age, I hope each and every one of us celebrates this birth in them.
Also, it only makes sense to celebrate Christmas not just on Dec 25th but everyday.
Doesn't it?

To my colleague I replied, "Yes, I do celebrate Christmas", long after he had left.

Merry Christmas to everyone,

There is no way to Peace, Peace is the way.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Create the LIFE of your DREAMS

Now, I have been noticing a pattern lately that is quite mind boggling in terms of its consequences.

Although, it is a well-known phenomenon amongst the New Age thinkers, I am coming to realize it first hand


It is "You and only you have created the reality that you are experiencing NOW".

If you are experiencing wonderful times, then it is you to be credited for it.

If you are experiencing tough times, then again, it is you that has brought about the circumstances.

You can look at this as an empowering or as a scary notion.

Scary because, how could you have done this to yourself and Empowering because, if you could bring about tough times then

you have the power to bring about good times as well, isn't?

I tend to choose the later attitude.

Not just because it is nice to have a positive attitude, but because it is the truth. Hmmmmm... The TRUTH... How is that?

Well, if you are aware of our essestial nature as nothing but energy, then it is easy to understand that energy vibrates at a

frequency and frequencies attract like frequencies.

Beginning from our thoughts & emotions to our physical bodies, everything is vibrating at frequencies and thoughts being the

pre-cursor to our emotions and the phsical body, thoughts play a major role is what we manifest, be it our own body or the

circumstances in our life, relationships we attract, job, friends, the place we live and pretty much everything in "our" world that we experience.

So, there, if you want to change anything in "your" world, now you know where to start...

Well, it is a good idea to start changing the thoughts to create the life you want, to be spiritually correct, I have to

mention that there is a pre-cursor to the thoughts as well and that is your BEING.

Everything originates from your BEING.

More on this later....

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Celebrating Diwali!

Diwali - Festival of lights, they say. It symbolises the victory of good over evil.

The story of Lord Krishna's victory over the demon Narahasura is celebrated during Diwali.

All these seem to give one the impression that Evil is real and it exists as an entity of its own like in the form of demons of the mythological age and terrorists of the current age).

What needs to understood is that Evil much like any other negative quality doesn't and cannot exist on its own.

For example, darkness is not an entity, it cannot exist on its own, it can exist only as long as "light" is absent. So are attributes like

cold(absence of heat), hatred (absence of Love) and so on.

What's the point of my saying all of this.... Well, if you want to reduce or eliminate cold in a room, the only way is by focussing on adding more heat. The only way to eliminate darkness in a room is to focus of bringing light in.

Focussing on attributes like cold and darkness is futile. It is either heat or absence of heat, light or absence of light, love or absence of love, goodness or absence of it...

By focussing on the negative attributes, we empower them and fighting them is like chasing a shadow.

Ok, back to Diwali, my point here is, the mythological stories where evil is personified and depicted as being killed by goodness personified seems to do a disservice to folks that read them as it insinuates the notion that we can find evil lurking around with a life of its own that is out there to destroy us and so we have to find them and destroy them.

This mindset seems to have carried over into this day and age.

Whereas, Diwali is a reminder to light up the goodness in your life and the darkness will vanish away, just like that.

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