Thursday, September 28, 2006

You "got" it when...

You got it when....

you see beauty in ugliness
you hear music in the silence
you hear silence in the music
you see perfection in imperfection
you see meaning in meaningless
you see completeness in the incomplete

you see action in inaction
you speak by not speaking
you can "see" it before you actually see it

you see order in chaos
you see opportunity in a challenge
you see success in a failure
you see profit in a loss

you see death in life and life in death
you see receiving in giving

you see the miracle in the mundane
you see the extraordinary in the ordinary

you see the unmanifest in the manifest

when you see the whole in nothing.

Success & Failure

When you take failure as a negative, you are taking it personally, and that indicates that
Ego is hurt. The same way, if you let success get to your head, it is your Ego that gets inflated.
Neither is real.

If you learn to look at failure and success equanimously, then you have removed Ego
and you have realized the true meaning of this life, which is nothing but to experience.
Both success and failure are necessary to give you the experience that you are seeking.

In a dance, you take a few steps forward and a few steps backward, only then it becomes a dance, isn't it? You don't take it negatively when you have to take steps backward, all you care about is the dance, the experience.
Roller coaster ain't no fun if there no ups and downs, infact,
the more there are, the more fun it is. Both the ups and downs combine to give you the thrill that you seek. You can't get an experience without either one.

Success and failure are the same way. Don't focus on them. Instead make sure you have plenty of successes and failures in your life, by taking bold actions, which in turn will give you great experiences and enjoy those experiences.
They make your life come alive and worth living.

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