Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Power of ONE

I am not referring to the ONE reality stuff here.
one unit of something, anything.

For example, If you want to make money by investing,
when you start out, if you focus your efforts on making a million dollars, you are heading in the wrong direction.

You can certainly have that as a goal, your intention, and in fact, you should.
Once you are clear, write it on a piece of paper, put it in a box
and keep the box in a place where you can take a look at it once a day to remind yourself of your goal.
Or do something to the equivalent of this to remind yourself everyday of your goal.

Then the rest of the day, you will be focusing on your efforts, right?
That's where the power of ONE comes into play.

Focus on earning one dollar, that's right one, 1, numero uno, dollar.
Make it, then make it again. Perfect it.
Get to the point where you can do it like it's magic, pulling it off effortlessly.
Become a master where you can do it consistently.
Then focus on earning 10 and only 10
and then 100 and only 100
and so on.

This might seem silly if you are an adult but I'm sorry but there is no other way.

Just to be clear, 'One' here, refers to 'One unit' and It may very well refer to
One hundred of something too.

P.S. Since, the earlier you start the better or look less sillier, teaching the kids now would be a good idea.

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