Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Be patient!

"Be patient!".
We hear it often times when we get anxious about something.
What does it mean?
While it certainly can mean, keep your mouth shut, stop twiddling your thumbs and sit in one place without biting your finger nails, it definitely means much more than that.

To acquire something, reach somewhere, accomplish something - you need patience.
Patience is the journey to the state of Knowing,
knowing that you are going to get what you desire without an iota of doubt.

Unless that state is achieved, you will not experience your object of desire.
You may flicker into that state of knowing and hence
you may have a fleeting experience of your desire but
for you to remain rooted in it,
requires you to score the necessary belief points to reach that level.
You need the belief that you can have what you desire because you are worth it.
That requires work on your part.
You may have to start out in small steps and gradually build up on the points on your belief scale to get to the score you need, but it sure does require work on your part.
And that is the journey.

In the process of building your confidence and hence belief by focusing on incremental acts, as a side effect,
you may be shedding certain beliefs, fears and negative emotions all of which allow you to direct even more of your energy towards your object of desire.

So Patience, then, is all about the work needed inside so you can have what you desire.

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