Friday, May 18, 2007

Flip the Switch

Think of yourself as a pipeline.
One end of the pipeline is hooked to the physical world. The other end is hooked to one of the two.
By default, it is hooked to the subconscious mind that is your belief system.
Your other choice is the Source or the womb of creativity of the higher Intelligence.

When you do connect to the Source, you are channeling the creative
energy and delivering it to the physical world in a variety of forms.
you are channeling the creative energy, you feel good and that is a
pretty good indicator of your connection and this can be
experienced on demand when you engage and feel in activities as mentioned below.

With a flip of a switch, you can shift from one to the other and it is your choice Now.
How do you bring yourself to flip this switch since the default setting is connected to your belief system.
In order to bring yourself to choose to flip the switch, engaging in certain type of activities and being in certain type of environments help.
Acts of Love, Kindness, Generosity, Creativity, Service are some of them. Remember, you could be on either side of the act i.e. the lover or the loved, the giver or the receiver, the benefactor or the benefited. Both are equally sacred and critical for the act to be committed and hence for the flow to happen.

Being in the presence of Beauty, Nature and Clean and clutter-free environment helps.
Being with a loved one(s) contributes.
Being helps.

In essence, through your being and actions, you can choose to allow energy to flow through you and end up feeling good and at peace.

True Experience

Ego lets you experience the physical reality but through a filter - the filter of judgment. The judgment is based on the belief system and hence the experience is always tainted.

Judgment classifies any moment into pain or pleasure. The thought that somehow you can change your experience from the painful into pleasurable brings about suffering and that you can hang on to the pleasurable ones bring about addiction.

Pain becomes suffering as result of judgment. That somehow you can change the "now" is a root cause of aggravation leading to guilt, suffering, disappointment, fear and so on.

Judgment keeps your mind busy with the past and so you lose the "now" moment.
Not accepting what is happening in the "now" with thoughts of "what ifs", "should have" snowballs into aggravation.

Shoot for the pure experience of the reality. If you realize that the
present reality is inevitable and you can do nothing about it, then it might
help one to not judge and just let it all in.

The remedies, then are, stop judging and accept what is happening in the present moment.
Oh Wait, if you simply surrender to "now" and accept "now", that takes care of everything.

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No reason

Follow your "no reason" thoughts and desires. See what happens, you will be pleasantly surprised.
In my case, one such thought lead me to a solution for a problem that I have been trying to solve.
Such thoughts and desires will seem incoherent, irrational, irrelevant but such is the world of possibilities.
They seem that way because we are trying to look at them through our ego-driven mind which looks for structure and closure.

These are divine guidances, for they cannot be from ego because if it were, there would be a rationale behind them.

Treasure them, value them, follow them - they are the best guides for your life.


Effortless Help

You can never help someone by offering anything when they are not ready. This applies to offering advice as much as offering some thing or service.
You cannot teach, advice, suggest, provide things or services and expect anything come out of it except frustration and aggravation if they are not ready.

Given this, you can do 2 things:
1) listen to what they are ready for and provide that if you feel you have something to offer,
and it will be gratifying.
2) On the other hand, if you do want to offer something, resist the urge to shove it down on someone. Instead, make it available broadly exposing it to as many as you can and let whoever is ready come to it.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"I want" to "I am"

This is the transition that produces results in life.

Anisa Aven notes in one of her newsletters,
When we focus on what we want, what we desire, we send forth an energetic signal that is creative. However, that signal is not vibrationally aligned with what we say we want but instead it is aligned with 'the longing' for what we want. Desire is a descending emotion filled with longing, an intense wish for something that we feel separate from.

It's the experience of separation that prevents us from intentionally creating. As long as we feel separate from the essence of our desire, we vibrate in opposition to it.

"You can't have what you want." - God, in A Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch

You have to change your 'wanting' to 'accepting'.

"I want" to "I am".

So what does it mean?

If you have been wanting to start something, don't wait. Start it today.

If you have been thinking about having something, break it down into actionable steps and take the first step today.

It is critical to start taking the first step as soon as possible because if you don't, you remain in the "I want" mode and the longer you are there, you are distancing yourself from that you want.
But if you take even a small step, you already are and it just requires practice and tweaking to get to your want.

Say, you want to be a marathon runner one day, if you get up and start jogging today and cover a mile in 15 minutes, you already are a runner and you are much closer to getting there than sitting on the couch and wanting.

Taking the plunge today, even if it is a baby step, is extremely important as it means
"You already are" and not a hopeful anymore. You may fail, face roadblocks but you are a lot closer to what you wanted at one point.

When you say "I want" you are taking yourself out of the playing field whereas "I am" puts you right into it.

"I want" is inaction and "I am" is taking action. Actions shift your state of the mind and your beliefs which are what are required for manifesting.

You need the "I want" thoughts to know your desires which is the starting point. Once you are convinced of having it, move to "I am" thoughts. They help you internalize that you want.

You may not be able to completely avoid the "I want" thoughts as you
are marching toward your goal, but the more you shift your focus on
where you are, accept it and do what you can at this moment, you will be manifesting in no time.

Sample progression from a "want" to "having" it.

I want to be a writer.
I am starting a blog.
I am writing my first post.
I am writing my second post.
I am writing my hundredth post.
I feel like a writer.
I am a writer.

Ok. Now I want to be a published writer.

I am getting ideas from my blog posts.
I am listening.
I am journaling.
I am outlining the chapters.
I am writing my 1st chapter.
I am writing my 2nd chapter.



I am writing my 12th chapter.
I am revising.
I am editing.
I am getting a publisher.
The book is published.
I am a published writer.

Happy Manifesting!!!

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