Sunday, December 25, 2005

Understanding Free will

Free will is tied to our growth spiritually. It is very crucial to our growth.
We may have been assigned (or agreed to) our life’s purpose but to align our choices that we make everyday with our life’s purpose is a challenge, to say the least.

Life presents us with so many set ups every moment (more like traps ;-) ) to see us exercise our free will to choose and those set ups are so real that if we don’t exercise self control, we will end up making choices that don’t serve our Higher purpose.

At a physical level,
For example, some of these setups that apply to most of us are obvious and ubiquitous like fried and sugary foods that if we let our taste buds have their say, we will end up making choices that don’t serve us.
Some others that apply to all but are not obvious yet ubiquitous are pills that we take for instant relief without truly healing ourselves.

Lot of these setups provide instant gratification.

At a mental level,
Some of the setups include what we see, hear, and do every day. With the amount of information that we are bombarded with through television, radio, newspaper and the Internet, if we do not make conscious selections, it is more than likely for us to be exposed to stuff that don’t necessarily serve our Higher purpose.

At an emotional level,
Some of the setups include the way we interact with people, react to events and so on. Considering the stressful situations that we are exposed to at work, on the congested roads, in our family circumstances, etc. once again, if do not make deliberate choices, we are likely to falter.

As you can see, we have plenty of opportunities to exercise our Free Will.

The key to remember is that we have been provided with all kinds of choices all the time and we have also been given the power of Free will to choose that either serves our Higher Purpose or not. It is perfectly ok if the choices we make turn out to hinder rather than help us
as long as we are willing to learn from them.

That is what IS Life and that is how Growth happens. The only way we can grow faster is by making every choice consciously so that we can learn from the results and make more choices that serve us than those that don’t.

Sometimes, it is hard for us to see the choices we have and we feel stuck and think that we don’t have choices. But that is seldom true. We have to KNOW that we always have choices and if we could just bring ourselves to this moment, quieten our minds, listen to our hearts and look beyond our egos, we can SEE those choices as well.

This game of life cannot move on if we do not choose (Mind you, not making a choice is also your choice) and so there will always be choices and also free will for us to choose.

So, Be aware and Make it the “right” choice for you.

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