Saturday, December 10, 2005

Create the LIFE of your DREAMS

Now, I have been noticing a pattern lately that is quite mind boggling in terms of its consequences.

Although, it is a well-known phenomenon amongst the New Age thinkers, I am coming to realize it first hand


It is "You and only you have created the reality that you are experiencing NOW".

If you are experiencing wonderful times, then it is you to be credited for it.

If you are experiencing tough times, then again, it is you that has brought about the circumstances.

You can look at this as an empowering or as a scary notion.

Scary because, how could you have done this to yourself and Empowering because, if you could bring about tough times then

you have the power to bring about good times as well, isn't?

I tend to choose the later attitude.

Not just because it is nice to have a positive attitude, but because it is the truth. Hmmmmm... The TRUTH... How is that?

Well, if you are aware of our essestial nature as nothing but energy, then it is easy to understand that energy vibrates at a

frequency and frequencies attract like frequencies.

Beginning from our thoughts & emotions to our physical bodies, everything is vibrating at frequencies and thoughts being the

pre-cursor to our emotions and the phsical body, thoughts play a major role is what we manifest, be it our own body or the

circumstances in our life, relationships we attract, job, friends, the place we live and pretty much everything in "our" world that we experience.

So, there, if you want to change anything in "your" world, now you know where to start...

Well, it is a good idea to start changing the thoughts to create the life you want, to be spiritually correct, I have to

mention that there is a pre-cursor to the thoughts as well and that is your BEING.

Everything originates from your BEING.

More on this later....

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Have you read Wayne Dyer's book " The Power of Intention"?I found it to be a simple answer to how I live.I attract good things by expecting them.I attract bad things by expecting them.Simple as that.
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