Friday, May 18, 2007

Flip the Switch

Think of yourself as a pipeline.
One end of the pipeline is hooked to the physical world. The other end is hooked to one of the two.
By default, it is hooked to the subconscious mind that is your belief system.
Your other choice is the Source or the womb of creativity of the higher Intelligence.

When you do connect to the Source, you are channeling the creative
energy and delivering it to the physical world in a variety of forms.
you are channeling the creative energy, you feel good and that is a
pretty good indicator of your connection and this can be
experienced on demand when you engage and feel in activities as mentioned below.

With a flip of a switch, you can shift from one to the other and it is your choice Now.
How do you bring yourself to flip this switch since the default setting is connected to your belief system.
In order to bring yourself to choose to flip the switch, engaging in certain type of activities and being in certain type of environments help.
Acts of Love, Kindness, Generosity, Creativity, Service are some of them. Remember, you could be on either side of the act i.e. the lover or the loved, the giver or the receiver, the benefactor or the benefited. Both are equally sacred and critical for the act to be committed and hence for the flow to happen.

Being in the presence of Beauty, Nature and Clean and clutter-free environment helps.
Being with a loved one(s) contributes.
Being helps.

In essence, through your being and actions, you can choose to allow energy to flow through you and end up feeling good and at peace.

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