Friday, May 18, 2007

True Experience

Ego lets you experience the physical reality but through a filter - the filter of judgment. The judgment is based on the belief system and hence the experience is always tainted.

Judgment classifies any moment into pain or pleasure. The thought that somehow you can change your experience from the painful into pleasurable brings about suffering and that you can hang on to the pleasurable ones bring about addiction.

Pain becomes suffering as result of judgment. That somehow you can change the "now" is a root cause of aggravation leading to guilt, suffering, disappointment, fear and so on.

Judgment keeps your mind busy with the past and so you lose the "now" moment.
Not accepting what is happening in the "now" with thoughts of "what ifs", "should have" snowballs into aggravation.

Shoot for the pure experience of the reality. If you realize that the
present reality is inevitable and you can do nothing about it, then it might
help one to not judge and just let it all in.

The remedies, then are, stop judging and accept what is happening in the present moment.
Oh Wait, if you simply surrender to "now" and accept "now", that takes care of everything.

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