Monday, September 15, 2008

The Trip

After the trip, I was showing
photographs that I took:
There were the tall pine trees,
the Sun rise and the rays shining through
the holes of the thick blanket of the forest.
The mighty Ocean hiding behind the morning fog,
The omnipresent, rhythmic and tireless waves
the essence of which I naively thought I captured in a photo.
The heart-shaped leaf of a plant,
its close-ups and the long shots,
the puddle in the trail going into the woods,
and a bird making a meal of a worm.
Then, came the question,
"Where are you? We aren't you in any of the pictures"
After a few quiet moments, I said,
"You just did. Who do you think took all these pictures?"
A picture should always be viewed with the photographer in mind
A picture is incomplete without the photographer who took it
A picture is complete only with the photographer's intention taken into consideration
A picture is appreciated fully when the photographer's intention and thoughts are known.

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