Friday, March 21, 2008


What is simplicity?

According to MERRIAM-WEBSTER ONLINE, there are two entries that I found relevant
a: directness of expression : clarity b: restraint in ornamentation : austerity

If austerity were to refer to the external, tangible, physical stuff, that would be too superficial and does not provide us any insight into how clarity fits in as a synonym.

So, then, it has to be in the mind.
What state of the mind do we refer to as simple.

Let us say, you have been preparing hard for a job interview and now the day is nearing and you need a dress.

You go to the store, browse, select one and go to the check out counter, buy and come home.
Simple, right?

So,then, what would a non-simple mind have you do.

You go to the store, browse, select one, and while standing in the checkout line find this helpful and resourceful lady next to you in line, who tells you that,
for one penny more, you could buy another one of the same dress, 'It is the Penny Sale!'.
The next thing you know, you are driving home reveling in your good fortune and announcing the bargain sale to all your friends and some.

So why is this a non-simple behavior of a mind?
After all, you got such a value for almost nothing.

Because, in this instance, the mind lacks focus and clarity. There is clutter in the mind, in that, it cannot identify the priorities.

So then, Simplicity would equate to Clarity and Focus of the mind.
The clearer and focused you are about your priorities, the simpler you become.

When clarity and focus exist, your being expresses itself in all its glory.

Let Simplicity reign!

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