Thursday, March 15, 2007

Unknown - A chance to Grow

When you afraid of the Unknown , you are afraid of growth, because that's what the Unknown brings you. Unknown forces you to confront your fears and once you confront, you begin to overcome it and once you overcome your fear, you would have grown.

People and circumstances that you come across reflect who you are.

So if they are new, then there is a potential that they may reflect an aspect of you.
That may be your strength or weakness.
What if it is a weakness - then you may not like to confront it.

That weakness may embarrass you at first, unnerve you, your ego will get hurt and so your ego will do everything in its power to make you avoid that Unknown in the first place.

This has the unfortunate side effect wherein you will not come to know what your strengths are either.

But if you stand your ground and are committed to growth, you will be richly rewarded.
Learn your strengths and develop them and learn your weaknesses so that you can overcome them and all of this possible only if you keep moving out of your comfort zone as soon as you end up in one and into the Unknown.

If you have trouble confronting your weaknesses, highlight some of your strengths and fall back on them, languish in them and then remind yourself that you are a worthy individual and that you are fine as you are, complete as you are and the weaknesses in no way, make you less of a person and that the only reason for your confront is to gain new experiences.

The reason you want to discover your strengths and weaknesses is, a whole new world of experiences will open up to you, which is a treat in itself but you also get to serve others in new ways as well.

And the only way to get here is to actively look out for and get to know new (read unknown) people, confront uncomfortable situations, do things you are afraid of, basically,
by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into the Unknown.

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