Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Cleaning Tips

There is this overarching goal in our lives and/or several other passions that we would like to pursue and then there are some routine, mundane things in life which one has got to do.

However, there are certain sucker thoughts and activities, "energy vampires" as Dr.Orloff calls them, that simply occupy our thoughts and suck up our energy leaving us exhausted and drained. The mind cleverly disguises these suckers by presenting them in a manner that is appealing to our ego - pampering it sometimes, threatening it certain other times using fear and guilt and forces us to engage in them.

Over time, engaging in such thoughts and activities become a habit that we don't even complain or question and not realize why we don't have time or energy to spend on what matters most in our lives.

A little spring cleaning every now and then on our thoughts and activities helps bring vitality back to our lives.
This spring, I am scrutinizing and sorting my thoughts, organizing my activities, asking myself the question "Am I thrilled?" or "Am I inspired?"
before pursuing a thought or activity and using the answers to prioritize.

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