Thursday, March 08, 2007

Incomplete is the new complete

The mind hijacks my thoughts promising closure on the other thoughts, and
convinces me that the other thoughts are of higher priority than the current one.

Why is closure important? Why do I go for symmetry? Why do I value completeness?

That must be the mind playing tricks on me. If every moment is precious, then everything as it is, in this moment should also be precious.

So I proclaim, Incomplete is the new complete.

The journey should be savored as much as being at the destination.

Getting there should be enjoyed as much as Being there.

Learning should be enjoyed as much as being Accomplished.

Growing up should be enjoyed as much as being Grown up.

Longing should be enjoyed as much as Having.

In the longing,
In the learning,
In the growing up,
In the journey

lies the
experience without which the end is meaningless.

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