Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Are you Satisfied?

I recently read this post that highlighted some comments made by
Barry Schwartz, author of the book "The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less "

The author says,
People are so overwhelmed with choice that it has two effects. Instead of liberating people it tends to paralyze them. Second, with all of this choice people may do better objectively—they may get a better salad dressing, CD player or spouse—but they will feel worse. When there are lots of options out there and you choose one and it is less than perfect, it is easy to imagine that there is a better one out there.

Too much choice makes people more likely to defer decisions. It raises expectations and makes people blame themselves more often for choosing poorly. As Schwartz puts it:
You don’t expect much if there are only two pairs of jeans to choose from. If there are hundreds, you expect one to be perfect. We end up being dissatisfied with an outcome that is better even than when we had fewer choices. When there are only two types of jeans to choose from and the one you choose is not perfect, it’s the world’s fault. If there are 200 choices, it’s your fault.

Why are more choices confusing? Is it really the case? What is the problem here?

Ironically, as individuals, to be satisfied itself is a choice that we all have to make.
It does not depend on any"thing". If it does, then your satisfaction is tied to that "thing"and what seems like satisfaction will only last until the next best "thing" comes along.
The author says, by limiting the choices one has, you can drive someone to satisfaction BUT Spiritually speaking, we can approach this along different lines, I believe.

Like I said before, for satisfaction you have to simply choose to be so
as it is a state of awareness.
IF you let your mind kick in, it brings with it a slew of analysis and comparison tools along with it and starts presenting you with choices like a search engine.

Sure, there is a place for it, to find the thing that meets your needs/wants but then again, if the mind extends its stay, it certainly can make your life miserable as it will prevent you from choosing that state of satisfaction
by appealing to your Ego through the "better" concept and we all know going after "better" is chasing illusion as there is always something better.

You have to draw the line at "good" - what is good for you - good enough to meet your needs/demands/wants. Then, deliberately Choose to be satisfied irrespective of your decision. Infact, you can choose to be satisfied all the time by accepting the present moment as is.
It is your choice to make and only you have to power.

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