Friday, February 17, 2006

Who is your Role Model?

Who is your Role Model?

Very often, the answer to this question is a loved one or a celebrity who could be a movie star, an athlete, an entrepreneur, an environmentalist, a scientist, an inspirational speaker or a spiritual guru etc.
As you can see, it is often a person although it is the qualities that they personify, embody and exude that inspire us. These qualities carry the energy that attracts us to them.

This observation and awareness is important in this ostentatious world because over time, we tend to subconsciously carry our admiration of the attributes over to the person exemplifying them and once the shift happens, we cling on to the personality and hence we are subjected to their whims and caprices that tend to hijack our attention and needless to say, it is a distraction.

Also paying attention to any aspect of the personality's life is often times misleading and misguiding. People make mistakes, often times, as a result of their personal karma.
We will be doing a disservice to ourselves by paying attention to them as opposed to the qualities that they demonstrate to us so well.

So if we start concentrating on the attributes in a person as opposed to the person , soon we would find those very qualities blossoming in our lives as well,
which by the way is the purpose of having a role model in the first place.

You were attracted to a particular quality in a person for a good reason - that quality that has been dormant all along wants to be born now. And having a role model that is demonstrating that quality acts a reminder for us of that quality.

So who is your role model now?

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