Thursday, February 09, 2006

Running out of Time

How to tackle "lack of time" / "running out of time" situations ?

Recently one day, on my way to work, I was waiting at a traffic light, antsy that I was getting late for a meeting at work, and the light seemed to take forever to turn green that those few seconds seemed like eternal. I was feeling that those few moments just get erased so I could move along.

Suddenly out of the blue, it occured to me that instead of squirming in the car with no way out,
why not think of a way to use those few moments for something else, other than thinking about how it is not helping me....

Sure, those few moments should come in handy for something.

How can I ..... What kind of things can I ..... Ah....

Practice some deep long breaths.....
Say some affirmations.....
Look around and have some good thoughts for a stranger...

I did some...
Wow.. that felt good, and so I decided I am going to have a list of these things to do while I am stuck at times like at a long queue at the post office, riding the elevator and of course at the lights.

I realized Just by asking the right question, you can turn the tables around to your favor.

Instead of focussing on how waiting at the lights is not helping me to getting to work,
I focused on how can that time be effectively utilized?

And from that day on, I look forward to those little pockets of time during the day... It's fun and not to mention a stress reliever.

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