Thursday, February 09, 2006

Be a good receiver

Recently, I have come across a few instances where people are too skeptical about donating to charities which brings me to focus on one of the yin yang attributes – Giving and Receiving.

Lot of times, Giving and the Giver are glorified to the extent that Receiving and the Receiver are almost neglected and undervalued and looked upon as the unfortunate - and in the process failing to recognize the bigger picture.

Quite simply, there is no Giving without Receiving. That’s how critical is Receiving. Without a receiver, there cannot be a giver.

Understanding that Giving and Receiving are two sides of the same coin is vital as it will impact the state of the mind as a Giver favorably.

The state of the Giver while giving decides what effect the act of giving will have on the Giver.

If the Giver is having a mindset that he is bestowing a favor on the Receiver, the unfortunate, then he is reinforcing the "I am separate from them" notion and hence clinging on to the Ego self and away from the Higher Self.

If the Giver is having doubts about how the Gift will be utilized, managed etc., then she is implying that she does not trust the Universe's intelligence and hence distancing away from It.

If the Giver has regrets and or fears while giving, then he is believing that there is only limited amount of abundance to go around and hence, missing out access to the Universe's infinite abundance.

Also, something else to remember is that, if the Giver has feelings of doubt, fear, regret and so on, she will be attracting circumstances into her life that reflect exactly those feelings.

On the other hand,
If the Giver believes that she is simply participating in the flow of energy while gifting and is passing on only what came from Universe's infinite source of abundance, and is grateful that there is a receiver and an opportunity to give, then all the doubts, fears, regrets, egotist feelings will vanish and will be firmly lodged in the Truth and the Universe will have more coming your way to fill the vacuum you have created by Giving away.

So simply act per your calling while Giving and
You should give only because you want to give.

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