Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Art of Kite-Flying

Living Life is, in a way, like flying a kite.

How does one fly a kite...First, You need a kite that is well balanced with a strong frame because, the higher you want the kite to fly, the stronger the structure ought to be.

Once you release it, the kite-flier needs a good understanding of the role the Wind plays for the kite to soar. It is the Wind that is going to propel the kite higher, however, the flier has a key role to play - tugging and releasing the kite deftly, harnessing the Wind's power to carry the kite to heights.

If the flier tugs the kite too often, the kite can not go as high as it could, as was often the case with mine.
If the flier releases the kite too often, the kite will not remain higher long enough and will drift down quickly.

Only the delicate balance between "tugging and releasing" will result in an enjoyable and fulfilling kite-flying experience.

In Life, first, we need to make sure that we care for our bodies and minds and keep them in a good shape as they are the frames for our journey.

As we go through our journey, when we struggle to go higher, often times, guess what is the problem - It is the exact same as it is with the kite -
the lack of understanding of the art of "tugging and letting go" of life.

It is a constant dance between our ego and Self to propel us to have truly great experiences and take us to a higher levels.

Just as a skilled kite-flier needs to understand that the Wind is what makes the kite soar high,we need to understand that our Higher Self is what makes our lives soar and so we should "let go and release" to allow the Energy to guide our physical existences to higher levels
at the same time we should also "tug" our egos at the appropriate times to do our dharmic duties to create the circumstances in our lives that will enable us to EXPERIENCE life to the fullest.

Once we understand this delicate art of "tugging and letting go", we will be able to propel both our lives and kites to dizzying heights that result in memorable experiences.

Let us allow our Higher Self to show us the way and
let us use our physical existences to create the circumstances that will allow us to experience what comes along the way.

Be aware of this and you will be flying high!

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