Sunday, October 03, 2004

What I learnt from an oil lamp

Something I observed while lighting an oil lamp at the altar for God in my house.

Look at an oil lamp.
The purpose of the wick in an oil lamp is simple. It is always in touch with

the oil and lets oil flow through it freely
to let out a bright flame and it lasts long that way.
If the wick is too tight for the oil to flow,

then it will burn itself out quickly.

I believe we can learn a thing or two from this.

Our lives are similar to that of the wick's.

Be always in touch with God. Let God flow through us and allow him to work

His miracles through us.
Thats when our lives radiate brightness like that of a flame.

If we get too uptight with ego, then the flow of God's miracles through us

gets constricted and hence we get burned out quickly with stress, anxiety etc.

So just let the energy flow!

AWESOME analogy! Thank you!
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