Sunday, September 26, 2004

Serendipity at the Used book Sales store

One of my favorite activities is to browse through the 'Used Book sales' at my local library. What I love about it is the serendipity. I have been drawn to so many topics that otherwise I would have never come across even though they are fairly common topics. Frankly I am surprised at the topics that interest me.
It is like looking at yourself in a mirror, the topics that appeal to you are part of who you are, sometimes those parts
have been ignored or buried because of the busy lives we lead.

Some of the material that I have read/glanced include Speed Reading, PowerSpeaking, Public Speaking, Improve your memory, Photography, lot of books on Self-help, motivational topics by Anthony Robins, spiritual texts by Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, Puzzles, Gardening, Autobiographies by Sam Walton, Lee Iacocca , Stock market, Relationships, Parenting (bought a couple of books recently titled '52 Simple ways to teach your child about God' and
TV-Proof your Kids) , Child development
and many many more.
I have to mention though, I don't read every single book from cover to cover, sometimes I read only a few sections or
even a few pages but I believe that that's all I need to know from them at that time. It doesn't hurt that it costs just a quarter.

Sometimes they are fun, sometimes they are even answers to my problems.
For example, once I was upset at myself for accepting an assignment at work when I was already overwhelmed and that day a book jumped at me titled 'Don't say yes when you want to say No' by Herbert Fensterheim . Hmmm.... Quite a message that was.
You bet I bought that book and read it. It even helped.

I love the excitement of not knowing what book might jump at me.
There are scores and scores of titles and I keep an open mind while I glance at all topics.

Everyone should try this sometime. It is fun and I feel it provides a means for God to answer your prayers, if you are listening.

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